Take yourself back in time when everything was much more simple. A time where the greatest surprises you received in life is a moment you cherish forever. Fast forward into our journey in life; having that rough Monday morning only for the car ahead of you in the drive thru, to purchase your coffee for the morning. How amazing do you feel when that one surprise can turn your entire morning around? You'll have the chance to create that moment for someone very special within your community. The Golden Mystery Bag is a themed surprise bag filled within the communities best local stores that will be hidden at surprise locations. Stay Tuff Apparel (tagged with businesses involved) will pick a social media to go live, to show followers where to look for the exclusive bag. Stay Tuff will wait and video the lucky finder to ensure that we see the enjoyment that your product makes in the local community. This is the bag that we wish to fulfill the same surprise that makes such an impact. Now's your chance to be a part of it.


    Receive the following perks as a part of the Golden Mystery Bag:

    • New followers
    • Follower engagement 
    • Further connection with you community
    • Potential new customers 
    • Free Advertising


      Donations are accepted in all shapes and sizes. Here are some examples of donations we suggest:

      • Product Samples
      • Promotional products
      • Stickers
      • Coupons
      • Coupon for free smaller item with purchase of larger item 
      • Business card or promotional material letting customers where to find you online
      • Small to large products (avoid anything not one size fits all)


      Please e-mail with subject "Golden Mystery Bag" with any questions or interests.