⚰️: Live by the Code

With the new era in 2018, Balancing the Me and We, I wanted to touch in more with my hardcore music and love for tattoo style art. The title came from hardcore legends, Terror. The song was just the inspiration I was needing to stay positive heading into a new life with a lot of hard work in front of me. The boys in Castle No Kings brought me back to the music world and I fell in love all over again like I never stopped going to shows. They brought out a fire and refound love for this brand. Heading forward, my vision for 2018 was clear. This is where I wanted to tell my story. I just became a single father, the worry of not being with my son daily and a lot of financial trouble where any sane person could lose their mind. I remember heading in how strong I had to be for my son, to have faith that it'd all work out, the courage to work and sacrafice for it all. I knew I had to stay positive and keep that #PMA game strong. This was my thank you to hardcore music for never leaving my side through life and reminding me to always live by the code.

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