⏳: Eternal

When I first started this brand in 2017, "The Foundation" really had no story nor backbone to any of the designs released. It wasn't until 'Eternal' came out where the story all began for this brand. This was the first design that really took off for us and unknown to the masses, had a very deep meaning behind it all. With the rise of mental health issues occuring, amongst myself battling my own demons, this was my reminder to keep tuff so to speak. We all live through struggles and all have our own weaknesses. There was days I was just miserable; also watching people close to me at the time struggle with their own battles whether it was past/current trauma, addicition, mental health or just every day stress. I wanted people to know they were not alone, that they are brave/courageous and that they now can be their own hero/inspiration. You have it in you to always overpower whatever it is that's pulling you down. If you need help/support, please remember to not be afraid to reach out, know your limits, to emberasse yourself or to fail. That's how you will get through any hurdles in your lifetime. Don't worry about what other people may think. Trust me, they too have their own darkness whether they voice it or not. You are not alone! Cherish every second of your life and count your blessings. Keep fighting the fight. Keep going. Let's build this community of support for each other in a world of lost morals/ethics together. I'm blessed to have so many amazing people wear this shirt through the last 2 years of our journey. I hope now that knowing a little more behind the design, we continue to wear this proudly together as one. I love you all.

👕: http://stay-tuff.myshopify.com
💚: http://mentalhealthline.orgMental Health Foundation
🛹 Model: 'Scuba' Shane Jones
🎶 Inspiration: Chelsea Grin "Eternal Nightmare"

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