⚖️: Balancing the Me and We

This in particular design/era symbol had a few back stories to it. I was coming off our first year in the apparel game and my personal life drastically changed. I felt like I needed to balance my personal time more with my brand. The first year was such a go, go, go mind state. I personally loved it and felt like my fire was unstoppable. But over the years, I've come to realize all the sacrafices that came with that kind of work ethic. The one thing I really wanted to focus on our second year was the balance. I needed a better quality me before I felt like I could give you my all again. You deserve a brand you can believe in.

The second meaning behind this was the at the time current trend in negativity. Not letting ones be themselves, or bashing for them for having a different opinion/outlook or accepting that they are their own individual with own personal interest. The balance of yourself and another is important to keep this community strong. Be proud, encourage each other and we'll all succeed in so many ways.

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